Undoing Crazy

Falling apart

on March 6, 2014

I think I’m falling apart again.

I’ve had two panic attacks so far this week. And the suicidal thoughts have come back.

They started this morning. after I came to the conclusion that I have three people in my life who actually return my messages.


7 responses to “Falling apart

  1. MissTroubled says:

    I know how you feel as my anxiety flares up. I have learned to turn to myself for help when I have attacks. Sad but true :/

    Anyway, big HUGS to you, remember take deep breaths, visualise something positive, hold onto that thought and steady your breathing.

    We can get through this x

  2. ❤ Hang in there sweetie. I know what it's like, to suddenly realize you have little to no one who actually cares, but there are others out there who care even if you can't see us ❤

  3. Moose says:

    keep fighting hun try reaching out to new people. Im always a message away…

  4. One day at a time Hun! And quality trumps quantity any day. ❤

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