Undoing Crazy


I’ve read about blogs and had a desire to start one for a while now, but never could quite find a niche or the motivation to keep one up.  Through my ongoing battle with borderline personality disorder, depression, and anxiety I found a passion in writing as a form of therapy.  It all started with a goal to start talking about my feelings and what I’m going through and as of now became this blog.

At my day job I’m a printer, which was my first real passion in life.  In fact, I have one the strangest tattoos most people have ever seen is dedication to this passion.  I can’t see myself in any other profession, even though the depression has caused me to start to have a lack of enjoyment of it and the borderline personality is making me question my career choice.

A few random facts about me:

  • I currently have a love affair for reading, writing, and Starbucks.
  • I have four guinea pigs; Bella, Stella, Priscilla, and Avella.
  • I have a MacBook Pro that I love dearly.
  • I have six tattoos and plan to get more.
  • I’m always looking for another new ear piercing to have.
  • My favorite color is brown, but a close second is pink.

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