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Let’s spread love, not hate….

I’ve been hearing a lot about the new show Lindsay on the OWN network, especially on the radio (basically my only source of news and I only listen to it in the morning on my hour and half commute to work.)  I have to admit, the response is not what I’m hoping to hear.  Not one comment on the show in a positive light.  And it’s very clear to see that the world still isn’t very open minded about mental health. It makes me sad that just because someone has money and access to all the luxuries in the world that they can’t possible have issues.


I’ve started reading a book called The Mirror Effect by Dr. Drew and he discusses Lindsay in his book and how the world should have empathy for them. I happen to agree.  I’m not saying to take pity on Lindsay, but I do think for the most part she is trying.  The majority of the people in the world don’t realize how hard it is to recover from mental illness.  It’s a lifetime process that never ends.

Another thing they (the radio announcer) criticized was Dina Lohan’s interview with Oprah. They said that she just took everything Oprah said an emphasized it back to her.  Oprah asked if she was happy that Lindsay was closer to home and if she was worried she would relapse again. Really???? If Oprah or anyone else were to ask my parents the same questions, I’m sure they would respond in the exact same way Dina did. No, I do not think she was being dramatic. Seeing the struggles my family has gone through regarding my own mental health, it’s just as hard on your family as it is on you.

On the show, Lindsay doesn’t want to go in to too much depth about her recover. She explains that it is sacred to her and I think that should be enough, but instead someone comments and wants to know why it’s sacred.  This person has obviously not had any mental health struggles.  She also expresses that she doesn’t want to be filmed going to AA or NA (not sure exactly which one she attends) but this is completely understandable.  The entire premise is that it’s anonymous, if it’s filmed, it takes away from the anonymity.

In summary, I don’t think that anyone that hasn’t been through their own mental health struggles has any right to comment on someone else’s journey to wellness. We all take our own path and it’s up to us to find what works for us and what doesn’t.

And also, dammit Lindsay, show up when you say you are going to show up!!!!

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Follow Up

I find it quite ironic that my last post was exactly a year ago today. It’s crazy how I find myself repeating things like that. In fact, I’m still struggling with the same issue from my last post. Since then, he has reconciled and once again decided to completely leave me behind.

I’m still working the same job and have since moved three times to place me back into my hometown and living with my parents. Not the ideal situation on many levels including an hour and a half commute.

I’ve been struggling with my identity lately.  Hoping that a trip to Las Vegas would help put me in perspective, but only brought me back to reality with a stomach ulcer that’s kept me from work for a week.

Does anyone else just wish there could be a sign to point them in the right direction?

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Thank You

I received my 40th follower this morning.

I’m so excited that many people want to listen to what I have to say.

Thank you again

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30 Day Song Challenge Day 6

I realize I’m a day behind. It’s morning though so I can still pretend it’s yesterday.

A song you can always relate too: P!nk – Lonely Girl. This song has always resonated with me. It seems I’ve always been a lonely girl that is trying to find herself and never knows what she has. Hopefully one day that can change. : /

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30 Day Song Challenge Day 5

A song that has a new meaning to you everytime you hear it – Simple Kind of Life – No Doubt. It’s weird to have new meaning with songs because songs are so constant but when I hear this song I always change my mind back and forth back and forth.

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30 Day Song Challenge Day 4

Sorry guys, I’m super tired so this will be my only update for the day.

A song that reminds you of something sad: Letters From The Sky by Civil Twilight.

Everytime I hear this song I’m reminded of one of my best friends growing up who has passed. I can’t help but think I could have changed things. I miss him everyday.

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30 Day Song Challenge Day 3

I promise I will have a real post later tonight. I would have last night but I was excited about the Super Bowl and it was late.

Day 3 – a song that makes you laugh; KJOMD by Tech N9ne. This song is hilarious. I’ve been trying to find it on YouTube but I haven’t been able to locate it. If you’re not easily offended and want a good laugh, I suggest checking it out.

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30 Day Song Challenge Day 2

A song that helps clear your head: I’ll have to say The New Radicals – You Get What You Give. It’s a song I get into fully whenever I hear it. It’s just a good upbeat tune.

By the way, the Ravens won the Super Bowl and I’m mad excited about it!!!!

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Reblogged, I did not bold the items that are bolded.


30 Day Song Challenge – Day 1

30 Day Song Challenge-Day 1

Day 01 – A song that makes you happy

American Heart-by Faith Hill
It’s a new song but every time I hear it it makes me wish that nothing could break my American Heart. But really, I suppose heartbreak helps make us who we are today.

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