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30 Day Song Challenge Day 6

I realize I’m a day behind. It’s morning though so I can still pretend it’s yesterday.

A song you can always relate too: P!nk – Lonely Girl. This song has always resonated with me. It seems I’ve always been a lonely girl that is trying to find herself and never knows what she has. Hopefully one day that can change. : /

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30 Day Song Challenge Day 5

A song that has a new meaning to you everytime you hear it – Simple Kind of Life – No Doubt. It’s weird to have new meaning with songs because songs are so constant but when I hear this song I always change my mind back and forth back and forth.

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30 Day Song Challenge Day 4

Sorry guys, I’m super tired so this will be my only update for the day.

A song that reminds you of something sad: Letters From The Sky by Civil Twilight.

Everytime I hear this song I’m reminded of one of my best friends growing up who has passed. I can’t help but think I could have changed things. I miss him everyday.

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30 Day Song Challenge Day 3

I promise I will have a real post later tonight. I would have last night but I was excited about the Super Bowl and it was late.

Day 3 – a song that makes you laugh; KJOMD by Tech N9ne. This song is hilarious. I’ve been trying to find it on YouTube but I haven’t been able to locate it. If you’re not easily offended and want a good laugh, I suggest checking it out.

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30 Day Song Challenge Day 2

A song that helps clear your head: I’ll have to say The New Radicals – You Get What You Give. It’s a song I get into fully whenever I hear it. It’s just a good upbeat tune.

By the way, the Ravens won the Super Bowl and I’m mad excited about it!!!!

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30 Day Song Challenge – Day 1

30 Day Song Challenge-Day 1

Day 01 – A song that makes you happy

American Heart-by Faith Hill
It’s a new song but every time I hear it it makes me wish that nothing could break my American Heart. But really, I suppose heartbreak helps make us who we are today.

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30 Day Song Challenge. Anytime I can talk about music is a good time for me.

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